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Nov 4

The End Of The Flipping World


Edited: Nov 4

It's back, and the score sounds peachy.



It's so nice to see new activity on Graham's website. I can't wait to watch the new season!

Nov 5Edited: Nov 5

Hauntingly beautiful.

Love this one too : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BSZkWiFa2s It's nearly 4am here and I've been listening to this on repeat for more than an hour. His music and his voice still have the same "power" on me after all these years… It's like he's tearing me to pieces and then puts the pieces back together again and again within each of his songs. I can't really explain. But the only other singer who can make me feel like this is Elliott Smith. Anyway, I hadn't realised it was already nearly two years since the first season's OST was released, and I hadn't realised how much I missed his music. I really loved S1's OST, especially "Saturday Night", "She left the light on" and "There's something in the way that you cry" so I can't wait for that second opus.

Still haven't watched the series though…

I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling to upload Youtube vids. She Knows is a great tune, it's really well produced too. Love the noisy half.


You've got to watch the series, it's great telly, and it's good to hear the songs in context. At first glance it looks like it's hollow angsty 'yoof tv', but it's gloriously dark and so well done. Everyone's a bit twisted and broken in one way or another. It's like a televisual verison of the GC forum. ;)


To be honest I never really played the first OST to death. I liked Bus Stop and She Left The Light On always sounded like a rejigged acoustic Freakin' Out to me, I could never work out whether that was intentional or not, or just me imagining it. Angry Me was a favourite too.


Nice to have something to talk about, innit?

9 hours ago

Oh Hell Yes - the only reason i watched end of the fn world was to get a listen

to GC's contributions - i was impressed not just with graham's music but with the

show itself - entertaining and interesting - been waiting for season 2...,

just one technical question - i'm guessing there is a Person other than graham who

picks the "other music" that plays during the show. the songs by other artists that

are spread out in the production? that's not graham's task as well ? is it ?

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